Home Owner Portal 2019 Complete

The Owner Portal is a Real-time two-way interaction between the Homeowner and Property Manager.

The portal will enable a homeowner to view and update the property calendar and bookings, quotes, work orders, accounts, and inventory.

The Portal is directly linked to the Management Company’s system. For example, when a management company adds a reservation to a property, the owner portal and availability calendars are updated in real time. Same thing applies when a Homeowner adds or edits a reservation, the Management company system is updated in real time.


Not all features covered in this document will be available to every Homeowner. Permissions are given by the Property Manager in the main version of CiiRUS

Home Owner Portal Features

The Home Owner Portal Features include:

  • Dashboard - which provides at-a-glance views of the vacation rental’s activity
  • Property Details & Work Order- allows owners to view brief property details and create and track maintenance
  • Bookings Manager- where you can Add and manage reservations
  • Quotes Manager- allows the owner to create their own rate set which can be used to create and send quotes to potential guests
  • User Account - Manages profile and portal settings
  • Owner Account- Allows the owner to view finalized monthly and annual statements

Logging into an Owner Portal Account

Firstly, how to log into an Owner Portal account:

A Username and Staff Password is required to login to the owner portal account. To get support or to obtain your login credentials, contact the Property Manager of your account.

  1. Open a web browser and go to Portal.ciirus.com
  2. Enter your Username and Staff Password
  3. Click Login

Please note: Staff Password” is the same as “Password” as far as owners are concerned


The Dashboard provides an over all view on the activity of the vacation rental. Upcoming Guest’s arrivals and departures display here which shows the guest name, booking ID, arrival date, and departure date and if the reservation is a back to back booking from today to the next Week in advance. The number of future days ahead can be changed by clicking on the drop-down menu, This can go up to a Year in advance.

Property Details

To view property details, click on the Property Details menu and select Property Name / Location.

  1. View Property Name
  2. View the property address
  3. View Google Maps GPS coordinate codes
  4. View Property Type

Work Orders

To access Work Orders, go to:

  1. Property Details
  2. Work Orders

The Work Orders feature manages, organizes, and displays scheduled maintenance for the property.

By default, the Work Orders panel will show all pending or incomplete work orders scheduled for the property.

Adding a Work Order

To add a new work order or schedule maintenance for a property:

  1. Select the desired property from the Property Chooser dropdown menu
  2. Click the “Add Work Order” button
  3. Enter the work order Start date and End date
  4. The Subject is a brief description or summary of the work order
  5. The Owner Comments is where the full description and details of the work order can be entered
  6. Once all fields are completed, click Add

Viewing Work Orders

To view work order, specify the date range using the date range filter.

Bookings Manager

A Homeowner can add reservations that are auto categorized as Owner Bookings. The Homeowner can view or edit existing Owner Booking reservations. Any changes made will update any availability calendars that have been embedded to any owner websites in real time.

To access the Bookings Manager, click on Bookings Manager

List View and Calendar View

There are two modes for viewing reservations, a List View and a Calendar View.

  1. To see the List View, click on the Bookings tab  
  2. To view Property Calendar, click on the Calendar tab.

List View

The list view will show bookings based on the applied date.

  1. To view past reservations, select the month using the calendar chooser and click Refresh.
  2. To show cancelled reservations, check the Show Canceled box and click Refresh.
  3. The list will display the Booking ID Arrival Date, Departure Date, Guest Name, if the booking has Pool Heat and Booking Source.

Add Booking

To add a booking, click on the Add Booking button top right.

  1. Enter the arrival and departure dates, name of the guest, guest email, address, phone number and Booking category.
  2. Enter any comments that are specific to this reservation.
  3. If Pool Heat is required, check this box
  4. If you would like to place a hold on the property, check the Tentative Booking checkbox and apply the tentative booking expiry date.
  5. Once completed, click Add Booking to enter.

Confirming a Tentative Booking

To confirm a tentative booking and convert to a confirmed reservation,

Open the Total Booking Summary

  1. Click on the General tab and then click the Tentative Booking tab and
  2. Click Confirm
  3. Clicking Expire will instantly remove the booking and place it into your saved quotes
  4. Press Save once complete

Cancel Booking

To cancel a reservation, go to:

  1. Booking Manager
  2. Click on the Bookings Tab
  3. Click on the Cancel Booking Icon
  4. When the Cancel Booking Window appears, click Yes

Set Booking Totals

To enter the grand total of the reservation:

  1. Click on the Financials tab
  2. Click on the Rates tab
  3. Select the Set Total button
  4. Enter the total including taxes
  5. Press Process. The system will auto calculate the taxes
  6. Press Yes to Overwrite the Base rental amount

Opening the Total Booking Summary

Once the booking has been placed, open the Total Booking Summary to make additional changes.

To open the Total Booking Summary,

  1. Click to the Bookings Manager tab on the left menu
  2. Double-Click anywhere across the row of the booking that you wish to modify, or click the Icon to the left of the booking

Adding a Payment

To add a payment, Open the Total Booking Summary

  1. Click the Finacials Tab
  2. Click on Payments Received to keep track of received payments for each booking.
  3. Click on the Plus Icon to add a row
  4. Specify the Date Payment Received
  5. Specify the Amount
  6. Specify the Payment Type
  7. Specify the Method used, i.e. Credit Card, Check, Cash
  8. Enter a Description e.g. "1st Payment of 6"
  9. Click the Save icon to store the changes

Party Members

To add a Party Member, Open the Total Booking Summary

  1. Click on the Guests tab
  2. Click on the Party Size tab
  3. Click on the Plus icon to add a Party Member
  4. Enter the Guest Name and Age
  5. Press the Save Button to store changes

Status Tab

The Status Tab is a checklist to manage each booking and displays the status for the reservation

More Info

To enter guest details, click on the More Info tab. Use the comments panels to make notes of any special requests or requirements.

Edit Booking

To change the dates of the selected booking, open the Total Booking Summary

  1. Click on the General Tab
  2. Click on the Arrival / Departure Tab
  3. Use the arrival and departure calendar choosers to update the dates.
  4. Check the boxes if the guest has requested an Early Check In or Late Check Out
  5. Specify the Times
  6. Enter Arrival Info, or Departure Info for the selected booking
  7. Click Save to store any changes


The iFrames tab will provide HTML codes that can be used to embed items on to external websites. Copy the HTML and paste it to the webpage. Adjust the 'width' and 'height' parameters as applicable for the website.

Get Quote

To access the Get Quotes screen click:

  1. Quoting
  2. Get Quote
  1. Select  whether to quote All Available Properties, or just the Selected Property
  2. Enter the Arrival and departure dates
  3. Select Minimum Number of Bedrooms
  4. How many guests they need to sleep in total
  5. If you would like the system to calculate Pool Heating Costs, check this button
  6. Click on the Quote button to run the quote for the selected property (s) and dates
  7. All Generated Quotes will show in this list.

View Quote

To view a quote, click on the View Quote (eyeball) icon

Email Quote

To email a quote, click on the (email) icon, fill in the feilds and send the quote


Convert Quote to Owner Booking

To Convert a quote to an Owner Booking, click on the (Book it) icon, fill in the relevant  feilds and click Add Reservation


Edit Rates

An owner can create their own rates and seasons using the Quotes Manager.

To enter rates:,

  1. Click on Quoting
  2. Select Edit Rates and
  3. Click on the Add Rate Band button, to enter rates for a specified date range

When the Add Rate Band window appears:

  1. Select the date from and date to
  2. Enter the amount
  3. Click Add Rate Band

Repeat these steps for each season.

Owner Accounts

The homeowner statements are published by your management company and made available online via the owner portal. Some management companies also send a copy of the owner statement via email

To Access the Owner Statement, click on 'Owner Accounts”. Please note that you cannot view, open periods.

Annual Statements

To view Annual statements, click on “Annual,” under the Owner Accounts sub menu,

  1. Select the Year and click Refresh
  2. There are two options for Annual Statements. A Summary Statement and a Detailed Statement

Monthly Statements

To view Monthly statements, click on “Monthly,” under the Owner Accounts sub menu,

  1. Select the Month and the Year and click Refresh
  2. Monthly or Annual Statements can be exported to various file types including PDF, XLS, or CSV files. To Export or Print, click on Print

User Account

To view account details or information about your Owner Portal account,

  1. Click on User Account
  2. Enter contact details and address
  3. Once completed, click Save
  4. To change the Owner Portal Password, click Change Password


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