Get Quote

To access the Get Quotes screen click:

  1. Quoting
  2. Get Quote
  1. Select  whether to quote All Available Properties, or just the Selected Property
  2. Enter the Arrival and departure dates
  3. Select Minimum Number of Bedrooms
  4. How many guests they need to sleep in total
  5. If you would like the system to calculate Pool Heating Costs, check this button
  6. Click on the Quote button to run the quote for the selected property (s) and dates
  7. All Generated Quotes will show in this list.

View Quote

To view a quote, click on the View Quote (eyeball) icon

Email Quote

To email a quote, click on the (email) icon, fill in the feilds and send the quote

Convert Quote to Owner Booking

To Convert a quote to an Owner Booking, click on the (Book it) icon, fill in the relevant  feilds and click Add Reservation


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