Tentative Bookings

A tentative booking is a booking that occupies the calendar but has not been confirmed and, therefore, has a set expiration date. This is useful for bookings where payment is not yet received. When the tentative expiration date passes, the booking is automatically removed from the live calendar.

Placing a Tentative Booking:

To add a booking:

  1. Click on Booking Manager in the left menu:
  2. Click on the Add Booking button top right
  3. Enter the arrival and departure dates, name of the guest, guest email, address, phone number and Booking category
  4. Enter any comments that are specific to this reservation
  5. If Pool Heat is required, check this box
  6. If you would like to place a hold on the property, check the Tentative Booking checkbox and apply the tentative booking expiry date.
  7. Once completed, click Add Reservation to enter.



Confirming a Tentative Booking

To confirm a tentative booking and convert to a confirmed reservation,

Open the Total Booking Summary

  1. Click on the General tab and then click the Tentative Booking tab and
  2. Click Confirm
  3. Clicking Expire will instantly remove the booking and place it into your saved quotes
  4. Press Save once complete



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